How To Improve Marketing Communication With Your Agency

Matt Hayes Director of Client Services
marketing communication

As the Director of Client Services at Lucid Advertising, I know the importance of establishing and maintaining clear and effective lines of communication with your marketing agency. If your current agency is difficult to contact, unforthcoming with information or simply leaves you confused, you owe it to your business to demand much more.

The Need for Transparency in Marketing Communication

Like any other relationship, your relationship with your marketing agency works far better when it fosters honest and open communication. Transparency is vital because it positions agencies to involve clients in marketing efforts in a meaningful way. Beyond establishing specific and targeted marketing goals, a fully transparent agency will offer timely reporting, easy access to campaign data, and absolute candor about budgetary or pricing concerns. In addition to remaining forthright and truthful in all business dealings, Lucid Advertising defines transparency as remaining in constant communication with clients and striving for absolute clarity in each client interaction.

What You Should Expect From Your Agency

A quality marketing agency like Lucid Advertising will provide all the following in its client communications:

  • Regular Updates: Expect updates on ongoing tasks, completed tasks, and progress toward set goals on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.
  • Clear Explanations of Strategies: Expect detailed explanations of proposed marketing strategies and reasons for choosing them, as well as their expected outcomes and alignment with set goals.
  • Detailed Reports: Expect detailed yet easy-to-understand performance reports with metrics such as reach, engagement, conversions and ROI.
  • Transparency About Challenges: Expect prompt communication if any challenges arise. This communication should include proposed solutions/marketing plan modifications to address these challenges.
  • Access to Key Agency Personnel: Expect direct access to key personnel working on your account for questions, concerns or regular check-ins. When it comes to getting the information you need, not all agency employees are equally valuable.
  • Prompt Responses: Expect prompt responses to communications with acknowledgment of receipt and a timeline of detailed responses or actions.
  • Communication Customized to the Client: Expect communication style to be adjusted to your preferences (for example, short, concise emails rather than long-form reports.)
  • Active Listening: Expect active listening from the agency representatives, who ask clarifying questions when necessary and give responses to show that they have fully understood your needs and concerns.

Best Practices for Communicating With Your Agency

Because communication is a two-way street, you will want to pay attention to your communicative processes and approaches if you want to get the most out of your relationship with your marketing agency. Here are just a handful of practical tips addressing how to effectively communicate your particular needs, concerns and expectations with your agency.

  • Always set clear, measurable objectives for the agency to target in its campaign.
  • Regularly schedule meetings or check-ins to discuss progress and resolve any issues.
  • Clearly communicate your brand values and target audience to the agency.
  • Provide constructive feedback, both positive and negative, to help the agency refine its approach.
  • Ask for clarification or further information if you don’t understand the agency’s strategy or reports.
  • Be open about any business changes or developments that might impact marketing strategy.
  • Discuss your budget and financial expectations upfront to ensure the agency’s strategies are feasible.
  • Keep the lines of communication open and responsive to facilitate the prompt resolution of any problems.
  • Actively participate in strategic discussions to ensure alignment between business and marketing goals.

As part of its firm commitment to regular, helpful, transparent communication, Lucid Advertising encourages questions and feedback from its clients and facilitates open and constructive dialogue at all times.

Lucid’s Comprehensive Advertising Services

Regardless of their marketing needs and campaign activities, Lucid Advertising fosters transparent and productive communication channels with each of our partner clients.  Our specific marketing services include:

The Lucid Difference – Measuring and Reporting Results

No matter what services you secure from Lucid Advertising, you can rest assured that we will diligently track your results and provide detailed progress reports. This high level of accuracy, accountability and analysis can dramatically boost your ROI. And because we deliver all information in a concise and transparent manner, you will never be left wondering exactly where you stand.

To learn more about the importance of effective marketing agency communication or to begin your lasting relationship with a skilled and trusted marketing partner, contact a representative of Lucid Advertising today by calling 850-760-0478 or filling out a short form for a free consultation.