Hey, Lucid Advertising: What’s Your Story?

We had a vision when we set up shop in 2006: help local clients create advertising campaigns that increased brand worth. Lucid Advertising quickly expanded with a national footprint to a full service traditional and digital marketing agency. With more than 12 years behind us, we have the experience to know what works. At Lucid Advertising, our focus is always on the solution to the marketing problems you face and getting you maximum Return on Investment.

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Lucid Advertising: It Addys up

Lucid Advertising is a multi-year winner of one of the most prestigious awards in the advertising industry, the Addy Award. Our clients span the country in industries ranging from landscaping to healthcare and all areas in between. We represent businesses across the spectrum - established to start-up – marketing veterans to newbies. At Lucid Advertising, your story becomes our story. We help you be you.

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Lucid Advertising is a Google Partner Agency

There are several advantages to working with a Google Partner Agency specializing in Search Advertising. Our Google certified experts are up-to-date on the latest Google features and best practices. We are also able to pass along many exclusive features and promotional offers to our clients through our partnership.

3 Reasons to Be Excited to Work with Lucid as a Google Partner

  1. Early Access : You will have early access to Google’s beta features. We can test and use new Google applications up to a year or more before they are available to the public, giving our clients a leg up on their competitors.
  2. Promotional Offers: We can offer access to Google promotions that will allow our clients to try more products and features at a reduced cost, increasing their reach to potential customers.
  3. Working with Certified Experts: Andrea Stark, our SEO Strategist is certified in Google features. She works directly on your Google campaigns using Google advertising products. To be a Google Partner, an agency must have individuals certified in Google features. These certifications must be current (renewed yearly) to ensure that the agency meets the standards for account management best practices.
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Lucid Advertising worked in 2015 to fully rebrand Coyle Institute. Our creative direction and design led to an 80% increase in business and a 95% increase in exposure.

We cover every area of advertising, including:

  • Digital Marketing
    71% of all consumers are online at a given time – with that number, you can't afford not to participate in digital marketing.


  • Social Media Marketing
    Get checked-in or you’ll be checked out - of your audience and your competitors. Dollar for dollar, social media marketing can reap huge rewards for brands both big and small.


  • Content Writing Services
    Investing in organic online growth is critical to the long-term success of your marketing plan. Lucid will help you create active, engaging, optimized content to increase your traffic and your sales.


  • Graphic Design
    What you have to say is important. Your copy, your headlines, your message – they tell people who you are. But the reason people stop to look at those things is because ofgood design. Quality, professional design is what draws people in. It also creates brand consistency which leads to brand recognition and authority.


  • Ad Design
    Ad design can make or break an interaction with a consumer. You have a very short space of time to get your message across and announce who you are, what you do and what you have to offer. This is not a job for a novice – call Lucid for a professional.


  • Video Production
    One of the top ways to differentiate your brand in the digital space. Video production and video blogging (“vlogging”) take content and engagement to new heights. In fact, this tactic alone increases email marketing open rates by almost 20%.
  • Print Collateral
    Brochures, conference collateral and more. Give your visitors something to remember you by.


  • Promotional Material
    Branding is important. The more you reinforce it, the more familiar you becometo your market. Hats and shirts. Buttons and badges. Pens and sticky pads. Lucid can brand anything and help you reach your clients in creative, memorable ways.


  • Full Branding and Rebranding Services
    Whether you are starting from scratch or have a brand that needs a refresh, Lucid can help you create a modern, fresh brand that will make your clients feel something when they see it. Remember, a brand is more than just a logo, and Lucid knows how to help you create a brand for you that helps you be you.


  • Logo Design
    Having a logo helps you build a consistent brand. Without a professional, it is easy to overthink it or overcomplicate it. Lucid will help you strip away the fluff and get to the heart of you who are.


  • Search Engine Optimization
    If you’re not harnessing the power of keywords to latch onto Search Engine Optimization, you need Lucid expertise. SEO is ground zero of digital marketing success but a fine science to execute.


  • Search Engine Marketing
    Lucid handles AdWords for clients of all sizes with tremendous ROI.


  • Media Buying
    TV, radio, outdoor, digital & magazine: Mix it up with proven methods of advertising that grab your audience, combined with newer trends they expect.

When you partner with Lucid, not only will you know you can rely on us to implement a customized marketing plan specific to your industry and business, but also you will know we track results and report those results to you monthly. We pride ourselves on our detailed reporting calls with each client so there is never any doubt that your Return on Investment is protected. Increasing your sales is our bottom line.

Ready to grow your business? Then you are ready to #justbelucid