Digital Marketing Solutions That Drive Your Business

In today's aggressive market, you need business solutions that position your company at the forefront of your industry and connect with your audience in an authentic and compelling way. While traditional marketing still works in some sectors, it is only through digital marketing that you can gain solid footing and outperform your competitors.

Lucid embraces a collaborative approach to digital marketing. We are not just another outsourced agency. Instead, we are an integral part of your marketing team and an asset to your business growth. We have built a longstanding reputation as a full-service marketing agency that delivers tangible, measurable results.

While other companies follow marketing trends and desperately try to fit in, our goal is to help you stand out and create your path. By setting your brand apart, we can clearly define your market, develop targeted marketing strategies and develop a message that resonates with your customers.

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Convert More Leads. Generate More Revenue. Build Your Brand.

If you have a clear vision for your business but need a vehicle to articulate your brand and message, Lucid can help you develop a successful marketing strategy that converts more leads, generates more sales and improves your outreach. Take your businesses where you want and connect with your clients via digital technology and multiple online platforms.

Our Digital Services


Custom Website Development

Our web development team designs websites that drive revenue and create exposure for your business. From keyword optimization to competitive analysis, we help you target your market and meet your goals.

Web ads

Google Ads/Social Ads

Discover a whole new platform for promoting your business through Google Ads and social media ads. We develop a smart, intentional pay-per-click strategy that gives you a greater immediate and long-term investment.

Users Marketing

Content Marketing

Through strategic content marketing, we create, publish and distribute your message to your audience through multiple marketing channels such as social media, emails, videos, search engines and your company website.

Mobile marketing

Social Media Marketing

Our marketing team can promote your products or services on all popular social media platforms. Let us put you front and center on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media sites.


Earned Online Coverage

Earned digital media includes press coverage, social media mentions, shares and retweets or product and company customer reviews. Lucid gives you greater visibility, which increases your earned online coverage.

Responsive Media

Online Branding Collateral

If you want to build your brand, you can do so through logos, e-brochures, email design or proprietary graphics. We create eye-catching materials that are cohesive across all platforms and reflect your brand.


eBooks, White papers & infographics

Do you want to educate your audience while providing in-depth information about your company? eBooks and white papers create credibility and position your company as the authority in your industry.

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Conversion Optimization

Using Lucid's conversion optimization tools, you can turn more leads into loyal customers. We improve your site's effectiveness to boost sales with the same amount of traffic you already have coming in.

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Our web team can bring the entire storefront experience online. Regardless of your business model (B2C or B2B), we design a site that is easy to navigate and leads visitors from browsing to buying in as few steps as possible.

Setting SEO

SEO (Local and National)

We combine all the best search engine optimization elements into a unified effort that helps you rank higher for organic Google searches. The higher you rank, the more leads you get.

Request a website audit

Transform Your Dead-End Website Into a High-Traffic Platform

Are you happy with your website's performance? If not, you may need a fresh design, a powerful message and a marketing strategy that draws more attention to your business. Call Lucid today for a free website audit. We analyze your website to identify issues keeping you from being successful online. We then call you to discuss the details.

How We Do What We Do

Behind every overnight success is hard work, determination and a master plan that is anything but overnight. Our goal is to create a path to your business's success through creative design and thoughtful execution. Our process includes the following:

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Client Discovery

The only way we can meet your needs is to learn more about your business. This involves exploring your company culture, your brand and the relationship you have with your clients. We also ask a lot of questions to assess your needs and learn more about where you want to be as an organization.

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Research and Planning

We perform extensive research that applies specifically to your desired market and your industry at large. From there, we carefully develop a digital marketing strategy that aligns with your goals. Our proposed plan is designed to produce tangible and measurable results.

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We Bring Your Brand to Life

Our team of strategists, developers, graphic designers and writers work together to bring your brand to life on all digital platforms. When you go live, you will be fully ready to market your products and services to the world and interact with your current and potential clients.