PPC Advertising

Creating your website and going live online is just the beginning of your marketing journey. Chances are, you are competing with dozens of other companies who are trying to get the top spot in search engine rankings. While organic searches are always preferred, your website may need some marketing leverage with pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

Lucid Advertising can boost your brand and give you greater online visibility through our PPC advertising service. Using a comprehensive data-driven approach and extensive research, we engage your target audience and help you reach your marketing goals. As an extension of your team, we utilize real-time data to optimize your campaigns and give you a higher ROI of your marketing budget.

How Our PPC Strategy Helps Grow Your Business Online

Pay-per-click is a model of internet marketing in which you pay a small fee each time one of your ads is clicked. It's essentially a way of buying visits to your site rather than attempting to earn those visits organically. You bid for ad placement in a search engine's sponsored links when someone searches on a keyword related to your product or service.

Our PPC approach gets you in front of the audiences that matter most and drive them to your website or landing pages. Our team can help your team reach the right people, improving your qualified leads rate. We set your account up, plan and execute a strategy and monitor your site's progress to get measurable results. We can help you establish your budget and control your costs with every click.

3 Ways We Optimize Your PPC Strategy

Every business is unique. Fortunately, there is more than one way to craft your PPC strategy.

Search Advertising

Whenever someone searches for a product or service online, Google or another search-engine displays a results page consisting of organic and sponsored results. Search engines typically indicate which results are sponsored and which are not. Our search advertising service can help propel your site to the top of Google search engines.


Display Advertising

Using display advertising, we attract the audience on your website, social media platform or other digital mediums to take a specific action. Display advertising is made up of text-based, image or video advertisements that encourage your audience to click-through to a landing page or some other page on your website.


Remarketing or retargeting places targeted ads to people who have already visited your website. We use remarketing to promote a specific product or service or to achieve a certain conversion goal, such as lead generation.