Web Development Services

While most business owners recognize the importance of having a quality website, most lack the time and manpower to tackle this chore with the diligence it requires. Lucid Advertising’s web development team creates beautifully designed websites that also drive revenue.

We provide our undivided attention from concept to launch and all areas in between. Having a well-designed website is no longer enough in today’s digital age. The break-neck speed at which security concerns and search rank criteria change can bewilder even the savviest business owners. Our web development services will ensure your site stays in sync with all current standards, so you don’t get left behind.

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Our 6-step Model for Your Success

  1. Website Development: Our expertise spans across many Content Management Systems (CMS), giving our team the ability to create and develop a design that is unique to your business. Beyond design, maintaining a first-page landing in consumer searches is critical to the success of your business. From keyword optimization to competitive analysis, we get to know your niche, your target market and your competitive landscape to uniquely personalize your website to meet and exceed goals.
  2. Responsive on Mobile: Is your site experience user-friendly across all devices? In many small businesses, opportunities in the mobile consumer environment are often overlooked. Mobile devices are the leading manner in which customers make purchases. And it’s not enough to just be there. Your mobile site must load quickly and be straightforward. Be it an iPhone, Android or tablet, ensuring your site has a seamless experience for the user from desktop to mobile is key to growth and loyalty.
  3. Google Map: Google maps have become a navigational lifeline for the vast majority. Most consumers that find a business on their mobile device have come to expect next-step assistance in knowing the location of that business. Customers that find a business on mobile are more likely to visit that business within a day or two which is why we recommend that every site has an interactive Google map right below the footer.
  4. Tracking Number: Do you have a clear idea of how many people call you from your website? How many came from mobile or desktop? What media investments are driving customers to your business? Investing in a website and digital media is one piece of the puzzle. Knowing which investment is driving revenue is the next step. Financially speaking, this knowledge is invaluable. At Lucid Advertising, we set up unique tracking phone numbers for your website, and marketing campaigns, to keep a pulse on this important information.
  5. Form Creation and Integration: Creating interactive forms that flow with your site and customer base is vital to engaging your brand and generating more leads. From surveys to office management tools, we design and generate creative, branded forms that integrate with your office systems. Interactive, personalized forms are essential in creating customer and office loyalty that will successfully distinguish your business.
  6. Secure Sites: You may think your website is secure, but are you sure? Site security is important for client and office information, of course. Additionally, it is a key driver in search ranking. Google, Bing and Yelp have changed their security criteria to give higher ranking to sites that make the effort to get an SSL certification and encrypt their user’s data. At Lucid Advertising, we stay abreast of security changes as well as ongoing and emerging threats to your business. Whichever industry you're in, don’t let security fall through the cracks with changes you may have overlooked. Place security in the hands of the experts.

Your website is your digital reputation. Leave no detail to chance. From security to mobile responsiveness, our web development services will make sure your site is beautifully designed and accomplishes your goals.