Your Partner in Developing a Killer Marketing Strategy

Every company needs a North Star guiding them toward their marketing goals. Lucid Advertising can help you find yours.

Marketing strategy is more than having a great logo, an inspiring mission statement, or a multi-channel ad campaign. It's an inventory of your strategic goals and a blueprint for achieving them. A comprehensive strategy combines marketing research, product, channel, brand, technology, organizational design, content strategies and an understanding of your target customer.

We can bring all of these elements together to grow your business and increase your bottom line. Our goal is to develop a workable plan that is realistic, executable, and profitable. Your marketing strategy should produce consistent results over time.

Formulating Your Plan

Lucid Advertising specializes in creating and executing comprehensive marketing campaigns that are rooted in tried-and-true best practices while also seeking to leverage the benefits of being an early adopter of innovation.

Our greatest strategies leave room for new ones. In the ever-changing world of marketing, fluidity is key—and we keep up with the latest trends, so you don't have to. We take the time and effort necessary to review your business. A comprehensive assessment allows us to identify marketing challenges you are currently experiencing and opportunities that your company can seize right now.

Marketing and Competitor Research

Before we launch a market campaign, our team gets to work to gather information about your buyer persona, target audience, and current customers to determine how successful and viable your product is within your specified demographic. Market research gives us insight into what is trending in the industry and what your audience needs from your products and services. We learn more about their purchasing decisions and what it takes to convert a potential customer into a loyal customer.

No marketing strategy would be complete without accounting for competitors. It's easy to become completely immersed in your marketing strategy, but to be effective, it needs to be better than your competition. We keep tabs on the competition for you, and we'll let you know if we feel that there are new avenues to be explored. We'll research the types of customers your competitors are targeting, how they're keeping them engaged and which approaches they're taking that are most effective.

Effective Communication

The foundation of your marketing communication should always start with your brand. We never want our partners to have to sacrifice who they are. As a result, we work hard to honor your company’s character and identity throughout the architecture, positioning and messaging of every campaign. As your brand evolves, so will our marketing plan.

We Create Compelling Content

Considering that content is king in the digital world, any marketing strategy developed by Lucid will include an emphasis on content marketing. We'll get to know your business inside and out, and then write compelling, multipurpose content designed to improve your search engine optimization and convert leads into sales.

Our goal is to help you create a clear message that connects with your target audience. We research key search terms that are relevant to your industry, your location, and your audience. We have a keen understanding of the questions they will ask in a Google search or other platform that sends them directly to your website. This gives you more leads and a higher conversion rate.

Next, we ensure digital and print campaigns always work in tandem. They should complement each other, rather than compete. Even in this digital age, print marketing still has its place, and it's a great way to drive online traffic. Whether your comprehensive plan calls for direct mail, billboards, banners or yard signs, Lucid is here to handle every aspect of your business marketing.

Download our PDF to learn more about why you should consider print advertising.

We'll create and implement
a marketing strategy for
your business.

We're Committed To Increasing ROI

Our marketing experts are hyper-focused on results. If you thought marketing lacked science—think again. The efforts we put forth will always be measurable because we know how valuable quality analytics can be in determining future courses of action.

Ultimately, your marketing investment should lead to increased profit. We keep this at the forefront of our minds, so you can rest easy knowing that we treat your marketing budget as our own. We're continually studying the performance of our clients' ads and will make data-minded changes as needed to optimize their success. We execute the marketing planning fully on our end and communicate closely with you throughout each stage in the process.

Whether you have an existing marketing strategy or you haven't run an ad in years, our comprehensive marketing services will be beneficial. After listening to and understanding your needs, we will develop a customized marketing plan. With the right strategy, you can keep your short and long-term marketing goals on track.

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