Not Sure Why You Need Content Writing Services?

Silly Bands and Birkenstocks. Some trends fade and some hang around. Content writing services is one that’s stood the test of time. Here at Lucid Advertising we’re the experts in digital marketing and at our core is content writing services. It’s the leading marketing trend and getting bigger. In fact, a full 75% of companies are upping their content marketing dollars through content writing services. Yet many businesses miss the boat. Why? Because it is hard to recognize the need for long-term commitment to content marketing in a world of instant gratification. But the investment is well worth it.

Many of us want our website to produce results and produce them now. And we can make that happen with an Adwords (paid ads) campaign to give you a jump start. But once you stop paying for that campaign, if you have not focused on the organic growth of your website, then leads will come to a screeching halt. The beauty of an optimized website with content marketing is that over time, usually 3-6 months from website launch, you will begin seeing your web traffic and leads grow steadily. The worst thing a client can do is get an optimized site developed and start creating content, only to quit before it's had time to work. In this case, patience really is a virtue; and when you commit, dollar for dollar there’s no better Return On Investment than content done well.

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Content writing services: get your Google on

Content is king in our digital world. But what does this mean? Valuable content is key. Relevance is right behind it. Add in engagement tools like video, blogging, eBooks and infographics and you get the idea. It doesn’t stop there. Google is the number one search engine in the world. But getting ranked high in Google search isn’t easy. How many times do you Google in a week? That #1 business you see did a lot of work to get there. There’s a science to the rankings. Research shows over half of visitors ignore the second page of a Google search. So you can see that driving traffic to your site takes strategy. This is how your customers find you.


Hearing buzz about SEO and keywords? If it makes no sense, no worries! But understand that these elements are critical to organic growth and helping customers find you. Your content will just lie there without Search Engine Optimization through strategic keyword placement and Search Engine Marketing. In fact, you could lose half or more potential customers without these strategies in place. Lucid has the experts to get you top ranking.

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Ok - I have content. Now what?

There is a difference between "content" and "content marketing." Anyone with a good idea and a computer can write content. But content marketing is a specific skill. Content marketers research topic ideas specific to an industry. We research keywords and understand how to implement them within the copy. We understand word count, best practices for headline writing and topic presentation. We incorporate high-quality photos and understand the value of good design and layout. And once content has been developed, we use analytics to understand what is working and what is not so we can make adjustments to maximize traffic and exposure. Most business owners don't have the time to take away from the business of running their business to do content marketing right. Because those who use professional content marketing increase visibility more quickly than those who don’t, it is critical to a good digital marketing campaign.

Here are the top 3 reasons content marketing matters:

  1. Phenomenal return on investment when done the right way.
  2. It’s uniquely versatile. Campaign-driven or enduring, content marketing sets the stage for your audience.
  3. SEO and other tactics woven into your content marketing efforts get you more leads, conversions, customers and business.

Help me, Lucid

We’re ready. Team Lucid will take your business to the next level with our content writing services. Our team of writers and keyword whisperers, coupled with our experts in Search Engine Optimization, site analytics and Search Engine Marketing, will help you to land your top spot. Business goals, audience and branding elements will all get the stage. Let this wonder team go to work getting from good to great for your business.

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