Why Your Business Needs a Website Accessibility Audit 

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Web Accessibility

If your company website has never had a thorough accessibility audit, you might be losing considerable business in today’s oversaturated online marketplace. To outpace your closest competitors, it is crucial to assess the overall accessibility of your website regularly.

As modern digital marketers develop innovative ways to further business outreach through website accessibility, they are placing a pronounced emphasis on inclusivity. An accessibility audit is a great way to ensure that all types of consumers can access and use your company website seamlessly.

Understanding Website Accessibility

For greater accessibility, digital marketers and website developers strive to make websites readily and pleasantly usable by as many visitors as possible. Accessibility efforts should ensure that ALL website visitors, regardless of who they are and how they gain website access, have a positive user experience (UX).

A diligent and thorough website accessibility audit will address issues that range from seamless UX on mobile devices to enhancing UX for visitors with slower network connections. However, today’s accessibility optimization places a higher and higher emphasis on catering to internet users with disabilities.

Modern website accessibility efforts involve a range of digital tools and technologies that promote better perception, understanding and navigation for differently-abled people as they use your website. Paying close attention to the needs of each and every consumer, digital marketers and website developers can successfully overcome any number of physical, neurological and cognitive issues, including those that affect vision, hearing, speech and the ability to operate a keyboard and/or touchscreen.

Lucid Advertising’s Approach to Website Accessibility 

To learn more about website accessibility, contact a knowledgeable representative of Lucid Advertising today. We take a comprehensive approach to web development and digital marketing that includes a strong concentration on UX and wide accessibility.

Lucid’s state-of-the-art technological tools and marketing processes promote constant accessibility improvements “in the belief that it is our collective moral obligation to allow seamless, accessible and unhindered use for those of us with disabilities.” Lucid conducts in-depth audits that prioritize accessibility while optimizing all facets of website design and operation.

The Benefits of a Website Accessibility Audit

The primary competitive advantage of highly accessible websites should be obvious. By ensuring a smoother browsing experience for all people, companies can cater to and attract the broadest of all possible consumer audiences.

However, the benefits of a quality website accessibility audit extend even further. Because Google and other leading search engines tend to favor highly accessible websites when generating returns for users, accessibility enhancements can profoundly impact your company’s overall search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and drive more internet traffic to your website.

Furthermore, companies may risk violating the tenets of legislation like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) by undervaluing website accessibility. Even if it doesn’t face severe legal implications for a non-compliant website, a company might suffer brand reputation damage and lose loyal customers if its website fails to promote inclusivity.

Key Components of an Accessibility Audit

A quality accessibility audit will strive to make all site elements usable by everyone. This includes ensuring that users with assistive devices can easily navigate the site and access all content, including links, images and videos. While conducting an audit, digital developers and marketers should test each page on your company website for responsiveness and functionality while ensuring that it yields the same positive UX on traditional computers and mobile devices.  

Embrace Website Accessibility: Your Gateway to Inclusive Digital Success with Lucid Advertising

Businesses that underestimate the importance of website accessibility in today’s digital landscape do so at their own peril. Ensure that you are reaching and providing exceptional service to existing and potential customers alike.

For more information about website accessibility and any other aspect of digital marketing, contact a knowledgeable representative of Lucid Advertising by calling (850) 760-0478 or by filling out a short form on our highly accessible website.

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