How Much Does It Cost to Design a Logo?

by Lucid Advertising

A logo is a definitive element in brand identity. It is often the first image that a potential customer notices. A powerful image makes a lasting impact long after the first impression has worn off. A logo is more than a clever design. It is a flagship symbol of your company’s core values, culture, message, products, and brand.

Logos have the ability to shift markets, influence buyer decisions, instill customer loyalty and create an entire culture. Organizations that understand this power spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to develop a graphic that encapsulates their vision. How much do you need to spend on your dream logo? Let’s break down the cost.

Logo Price Ranges

Marketing agencies typically break down their services into low, middle and high tiers, adding more features as the price of the product or service increases. Logo designers are no different. This is why you can shop around for anyone from a remote freelancer to a nationally-recognized digital marketing agency. There are also dozens of DIY logo generators that give you the ability to create your own graphics. 

The obvious question, then, is what does your money pay for and is it worth it? Let’s compare the low, mid and high end of logo design.

Low Range: Up to $1,000

For anyone launching a startup, this price range is often the most attractive. In an effort to cut costs and allocate a limited budget elsewhere, you may opt for an introductory logo design option. This route gives you two main choices: DIY or a friend you know down the street.

There are numerous free logo generators that you can get online or by download. They give you a few design options and start you out with a template, a font, and an icon.  You work within the parameters, get your logo just the way you want it and push the save button.

The upside is that you can get a logo as quickly as you can design it. You can also save a little money doing it yourself. The downside is that you are often left with a generic design that is not symbolic of anything other than your ability to be thrifty and efficient. Not to worry – Google’s first logo was free. So was Microsoft’s and Coco-Cola’s. Even Twitter got away with a bird design for $15.

Mid Range: $2,000 to $5,000

If you have a little money to spend on a logo and you are not in a hurry to get it back, then you may want to invest some money in a product that will bring more notoriety in your brand. Mid-range logos typically put you in touch with a gifted freelancer or a digital marketing agency that provides services for small businesses or startups.

On one hand, a freelancer may give you more flexibility and personalized service. A reputable designer will have a portfolio, as well as proven experience with other clients. On the other hand, individuals may have limited options, limited resources, and, in some cases, limited experience.

High Range: $5,000 to $10,000

Before you scoff at the thought of paying more than $2,000 for a logo, it should be noted that some companies have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure a new logo or redesign an outdated logo. Brands such as British Petroleum, BBC, Pepsi and even past Olympic committees have paid more than seven figures to land the perfect graphic design.

What does a high-end logo get you? A digital marketing agency often presents a logo package that may include extensive market research, competitor analysis and an entire team that goes to work to create the image. In addition, you have nearly unlimited options, access to advanced technology and pro-level curation from top designers that can meet or exceed your specifications.

Digital marketing agencies provide high-resolution marketing collateral that is optimized for multiple platforms. You get full legal copyright to your logo that ensures it belongs exclusively to your company. You can also do whatever you wish with the design.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Logo

A logo is the hallmark of your business. It drives consumer purchasing decisions, gives your quick brand recognition and distinguishes your company from the competition. So, consider the following before you settle on logo design:

  • Research the market and analyze your business needs.
  • Perform a competitive analysis so that you avoid trends.
  • Start with black and white and then fill in the logo with color.
  • Make your logo scalable and versatile to fit any print or digital platform.
  • Be bold and innovative even if you have to spend extra for a killer design.
  • Keep your design simple and minimalistic with zero clutter.

Furthermore, work with your designer to test the logo across various mediums – phones, computers, digital displays, banners, etc. Finally, make sure your logo projects a single, central concept or vision. It must connect with your audience instinctively.

Branding Services for Your Business

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