Advantages of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing refers to a form of promotion that reaches an audience offline. Companies use marketing channels such as print, broadcast, telemarketing or direct mail to engage their audience and broaden their reach. Companies that invest in traditional advertising spend a great deal of time and creativity crafting successful marketing campaigns that generate substantial revenue.

Although traditional marketing has been eclipsed by digital marketing in many industries, it is still effective in boosting your brand. In addition, traditional marketing presents opportunities to reach a large audience in ways that digital marketing cannot. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of traditional marketing.

You Can Connect with Your Local Audience

Traditional marketing plays an important role in reaching local audiences and interacting with customers on a personal level. Today’s consumers rely on relationships more than ever. They will choose businesses that they feel have a genuine interest in their well-being and lives.

Traditional tactics such as marketing collateral, newspaper ads, local TV commercials or billboards put your company in the heart of your community and your customer base. As a result, your efforts to reach your target audience feel more organic and less corporate.

Promotional Materials are Sustainable

One of the downsides to digital marketing is that you need to provide an ongoing stream of promotional material to keep your viewer’s attention. For some companies, this can be a daily task. They may post two to three times on social media, create a new daily video or send out an email three or four times a week.

Traditional methods of marketing are more sustainable and leave a longer impression with your audience. You can get more mileage from the same TV commercial, flyers, business cards or brochures. Therefore, you don’t have to produce new material as often to promote your product or service.

Traditional Marketing Establishes Credibility

From a psychological standpoint, traditional marketing gives a company more credibility than online marketing. Sure, digital marketing reaches more people; however, it does not always present a company as dependable or established.

Printed material and ads on larger mediums are often viewed as more trustworthy. One of the reasons for this is the association of traditional marketing with established mediums and bigger budgets. A company that can place an ad in a magazine or a commercial on television and radio, must have the financial means to do so. So, the perception is that the company is growing, successful and stable.

You Reach a More Diverse Audience

Proponents of digital marketing often point out that digital marketing allows you to target and track your audience. Promotional materials can be refined as you gather hard data from social media, email campaigns or your website.

However, if your brand attracts a more diverse audience, then heavily targeting a demographic may not be necessary. If you own a small business, reaching a more diverse audience can actually help your business grow. Therefore, traditional marketing may be a better option for attracting potential customers.

Hard Copy Marketing Materials Can Be Easier to Process

While there is no question of how impressive digital marketing images, graphics and photos can be, sometimes all the intricate designs combined with animated features can overload the senses. Viewers may be so distracted by the design that they completely lose the message and do not connect with your brand.

Hard copy marketing materials can be easier to process and perform better when it comes to brand recall. Direct mail can take less effort to read and process than email. A brochure may be easier to skim through than a white paper or a website. A 30-second commercial on TV may be more digestible than a three-minute YouTube video.

Innovative Marketing for Your Business

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