The Connection Between Website Design and Online Sales

by Lucid Advertising

From its general color schemes and layout to its graphics and fonts, many elements go into the design of a website. Few professions require more attention to detail than that of website design — and few professionals understand the value of a first impression more than a website designer.

The pace of life online is extraordinarily fast. Any website that doesn’t immediately capture a visitor’s attention, meet immediate expectations in terms of appearance and deliver desired results quickly is bound to lose traffic to a competitor’s website that does.

The Psychology of Design

The significance of website design in the digital age simply cannot be overstated. As the central hub of any good digital marketing campaign, your website must be able to attract and convert potential leads. Quality web design plays an integral role in both. Web designers draw upon an understanding of basic human perception and common cognitive processes to create designs that generate interest, evoke credibility, build trust and influence decision-making. If you feel that web design has no impact on you as a consumer, ask yourself if you have ever navigated away from a company website because that website appeared cheap or shoddy.

User Experience (UX) and Sales

Web designers can improve user experience (UX) and ultimately boost sales in various ways. After all, a good website design will not only appeal to a user aesthetically but promote effective navigation that allows them to instantly access desired information and easily make an online purchase. After making a positive first impression with a simple and attractive layout, a website must continue to deliver exceptional UX with every click as users seamlessly and intuitively move from page to page.

Key Elements of Effective Website Design

The first thing a visitor typically notices about a website is its visual appeal or its lack of it. Some important things to consider when designing a website include using high-grade media and paying attention to the quality of any images, photos, videos and graphics that appear on it. A good designer will also make good use of empty (or “negative”) space and effectively balance the amount and positioning of images and text. 

Beyond the purely visual, web designers and administrators must make your website as fast and responsive as possible. It should be just as easy to use and appealing to view on mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) as it is on traditional internet devices (such as desktops and laptops).

Lucid’s Expertise in Web Design

Lucid’s accomplished web designers are experts in creating websites that drive sales. We recognize that the heart of any digital marketing campaign is an impressive website that amplifies your brand image and core advertising message. Lucid employs top web developers, graphic designers, strategists and writers, fostering an environment that allows them to collaborate and communicate with a unified voice…the voice of each client we serve. Lucid’s dual focus on aesthetics and functionality has given the agency a proven track record of producing websites that increase visibility and generate revenue. 

Case Studies

Lucid’s website design services have helped many companies experience a surge in consumer outreach and final sales figures just one example, we significantly increased consumer traffic for Dr. Michael Coyle and the Coyle Institute, a destination medical clinic that specializes in urogynecology. After a full website design and development project focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, the Coyle Institute experienced an 800% increase in appointment times over just seven months, thanks to an unprecedented new patient conversion rate of 33%. 

Another client in the healthcare industry, anesthesia practice management provider CCI Anesthesia, enlisted Lucid to execute a rebrand complete with a full website redesign shortly after its launch. After partnering with Lucid in 2021, the company grew brand awareness to more than double its revenue in a single year.

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To benefit from the undeniable link between website design and online sales, you need to invest in professional web design services. Want to know what a better company website can do for you? Contact the professionals at Lucid today to get more information or to schedule a free website audit.

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