Content is King

by Lucid Advertising

Content. We hear it every day, but what makes it so important? In any type of business, digital marketing plays a part. From brick and mortar establishments to strictly e-commerce, get digital or go home. Even if you are not digital yourself, your customers are. And so, within that platform, content is behind the wheel. Whether you are a novice or an expert, here we’ll show a few things to consider when constructing content for your brand.


Your brand is your identity. Here at Lucid we can’t say enough about this. Who, what, how: know who you are, what you do and how you do it. Creating consistent, fresh content helps further establish your brand. Take time to become clear about your brand and the tone you want to set. Then construct your content around that framework.

Why, you ask?

Become the expert

We’re glad you asked! Having solid branding and providing content around that brand sets you apart to be perceived as an expert in your field. Becoming an expert is something that is earned. Do your research and due diligence to provide fresh ideas and information that help your overall field become better. You will become a trusted expert and your company recognized in your industry.

Content, SEO & keywords Here we touched on SEO and this is certainly a key component of rich content. Keywords, SEO and content creation all work together to provide something new and fresh that attracts new readers and keeps your loyalists. Do your homework on keywords or try a more sophisticated tool like keyword mapping to tie in the keywords your customers will use to find you. Google and other search engines reward using these tools in the right places and at the right time.


It’s not enough to provide quality content. It needs to be frequent as well. Regular blog posts, social media content and even email marketing content can pull in people who would not have otherwise found you.

Content with your content? Repurpose the good stuff.

Have you ever written content that you thought, “I nailed it!” Not only were the keywords, SEO and value spot-on but the engagement was very high. Don’t let good content die. Valuable content is perfect to repurpose later. Ways of doing this are reposting at a later date, reposting around a news or seasonal event or using for social media.

Inbound marketing

Another hot topic in digital marketing is inbound marketing. Getting people to your site on their own. While outbound marketing techniques such as old-school cold calling are taking a back seat, the inbound marketing landscape is thriving. The payoffs are big, too. Dollar for dollar, inbound marketing efforts are a great investment with strong ROI. Frequent and rich content needs to be a dedicated supplement to any marketing campaign.

Sales and revenue

Above we spoke to the frequency of content. If you are in a for-profit business, make it your business to generate fresh content. Offer something of value and be careful not to always make it a sales piece. New customers find you this way. One time customers become repeat customers. Repeat customers become ambassadors.

How do you generate new content on a regular basis? Tell us all about it-we’re interested!