#wedovideoblogs with Executive Landscaping

by Lucid Advertising


Don’t disguise your brand. Give it a shout out with video.

We’re going green! Your #LucidTeam of Content Developer Elizabeth Denham and Lucid Leader Mike Morse headed over to Executive Landscaping to spend the day with Rene West and learn more about the talent behind the work.

The Lucid Screen

Video blogging is becoming huge. Consumers remember more of what they see than they hear but put the two together and you have a magic formula for marketing message retention. Here at Lucid we get that. Putting our clients on the screen to tell their stories is personal and powerful and we’re all in! With Rene of Executive Landscaping we had two videos in mind: one took us to a Gulf Breeze home on the water. The second was a behind-the-scenes look at the #executiveprocess. Beautiful! Rene is such a pro, a real one take wonder. He made our job easy.

Art of disguise

On site at the waterfront home of Executive Landscaping’s client in Gulf Breeze,everything came together. If you’ve ever had an unsightly obstruction you’ll want to check this out. Every detail was accounted for in making this client’s dream a reality right down to using aluminum instead of wood. Now their art is on display as a focal point. That’s originality.

Executive Process

The Executive Landscaping Team is super creative and it was all about bringing this creativity to life in these shoots. With 33 years in the business, it’s clear they have a design for success in landscaping. As you’ll see, the executive process begins with really getting to know each client. Turns out there is a lot to this process. Every home is as individual as the owner themselves and Rene takes the time to get to know their needs and dreams right down to the dogs and cats. Who knew a car needs 15 feet. Or that an ugly generator could be an artistic platform. Meticulous attention to detail leads to one-of-a-kind landscaping.

Lucid Gets You Ready for the Shot!

Not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera. But never fear! Lucid is here! Here is how we help you #justbelucid:

· We help you decide on video topics

· We schedule our videographer for an on-site or on location shoot

· We provide bullet points for your video subjects so you are comfortable

· We send a Lucid team member (usually Elizabeth) to the shoot to help coordinate

· We make sure you mention the messaging to highlight your brand

· We supervise editing and production

· We post your video to your blog

It’s like magic, and you have a video you can use to cross market on your social media, website and more!

Ready for video?

Who are you, what do you do and how do you do it? Get brand clarity with video. Let’s talk about bringing this to life with video. Video blogging increases brand awareness and heightens engagement. #Wehelpyoubeyou with compelling content and footage to bring your brand to the world.

Check out the final product for Executive Landscaping’s video blogs, Executive Disguises.

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