How to Track Website Traffic

by Lucid Advertising

If you’re like most business owners in today’s market, you’re probably using at least one of the types of online advertising like a website to boost your sales and grow your company. But unless you have a real way to nail down all the data when you’re wondering what are the benefits of digital marketing, it can seem like your website is getting you nowhere fast.

What’s Your Track Record?

That’s why data, specifically referred to as tracking metrics or analytics, is important. If you know how to track website traffic, it can easily show you things like how many people visit your site, how often, and when those visits happen most. The best analytics tools will be able to guide you in critical matters like knowing whether you might need to make changes to your website to increase user activity or show you patterns in user activity that might give you ideas about how to widen your market. In short, analytics put the power of information at your fingertips; but it’s up to you to use that power to your advantage.

Route Your Results

One of the biggest benefits of analytics is that you can structure the reports to meet your needs. Yes, it answers the question of how to track website traffic; but you don’t want just numbers. You want the numbers that relate to your business and the type of business that you are. And you don’t want just factual figures, because there’s more to the story than that.

For example, analytics can be used to track crucial data including:

  • What pages your users visit while they’re on your site
  • Where they go when they leave your site
  • Demographic information like what country they’re in
  • Whether the visitor is new to your site or has been there before
  • The specific domains that actually brought traffic to your site
  • Which keywords were used in searches that ultimately brought a user to your site
  • How much time a visitor stayed on your website
  • Which of your web pages get the most activity
  • How many visitors you’re getting in total

Once you’ve got all those trackers tracking, you’ll be in a better position to make decisions about how to grow and how you might be able to broaden your influence; and all of those numbers will show up bold on your bottom line.

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