How to Use Hashtags for Business

by Lucid Advertising

In case you haven’t noticed, social media plays a huge roll in the success or failure of businesses these days. But it’s not simply enough to have an account on one of these explosively popular social media platforms. All of those colorful buttons lined up on your webpage mean nothing if you’re not an active player, and one of the best ways to stay ahead of the game and make yourself heard is to use hashtag marketing. They’re all over the place: trending hashtags that serve as a simple way to get in on the buzz or create one of your own. As the savvy entrepreneur that you are, you’ll need to know how to use hashtags for business, so that whenever someone clicks on that happy little hashtagged word, you pop into their feed faster than you can say, “Hashtagcha-ching.”

Hash It Out

Funnily enough, if you’re truly trying to master the art of the social feed and immerse yourself in how to use Twitter effectively or even how to advertise on Instagram, hashtag campaigns will be crucial in crushing it. Popular hashtags are an instant way to connect the dots, because they label trends or subjects and link them up with other posts that are marked with the same hashtag. Naturally, this makes searches far more simple, because they filter out all the extraneous noise and focus in on one particular thing. Hashtags easily connect people to you and what you’re offering; but to really stand out from the crowd, you’ll also have to learn how to create a hashtag if you want to start a trend of your own.

Snag the Tag

So what makes a happening hashtag, and how can you use them to your advantage? The best ones are simple, easy to understand, and memorable. They provide a clear picture of the topic, which also makes them user-friendly and far more valuable to you. It’s important to remember, however, not to get caught up in the idea that more is better. Sometimes more is just more; and if you use too many hashtags in your posts, you’ll make your message less effective. Stick to an average of two in a single post, and those two hashtags can really be your dynamic duo.

Fortunately, there are content management systems that can serve as a hashtag generator for you and post your labeled content on set schedules. Determine whether you have the time to devote yourself to the social space or if you need to enlist some help, but never discount the necessity of social media as one of the most important types of online advertising. After all, this is the digital age; and the secret to your success could be just a hashtag away.

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