Your Marketing Plan: Strategy or To-do List?

Could you be making one common mistake? For many, a marketing strategy is approached as another to do list. It’s a simple misstep. In this quick video by content leader, HubSpot, they tell us why this is bad, how to spot it and when to know the difference. So whether you can watch or read (or both for our overachiever friends) today Team Lucid gives you the rundown.

Is this you?

Let’s start there. Like any good problem, before you can correct it you have to know how the heck to spot it. If you cannot define your marketing strategy clearly and easily, there isn’t one. If the goals are neither defined nor met, there’s a problem. The biggie: if you easily overcommit without hesitating there really is no strategy in place.

How did we get here?

In defense, in today’s fast-paced marketing environment, many marketing strategies start strong. Then lend themselves to becoming to do lists. Even the most complex of marketing strategies can be relegated to a list of single items to blow through. Compounding this, many roles overlap. Marketing with Sales. Marketing with Content Management. So it’s easy to see why strategy can become convoluted and even over time extinct.

Getting started

A strategy has 3 key elements. These keep it from competing with other priorities.

1. A diagnosis that defines the challenge: what is the current state?

2. A guiding policy for dealing with the challenge: this guides action

3. A set of coherent actions to accomplish the policy: a set of clear actions

Time spent defining these key elements will move your marketing strategy to the place it belongs: off the to-do list.

Watch another fun HubSpot video for a refresher course on strategy.

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