How to Get Followers on Facebook

by Lucid Advertising

With so many types of online advertising, it’s important to know which of them will be most effective for you as a small business owner. Social media reach is crucial, and with so much of the world spending so much time scrolling through posts on Facebook,

you’ll need to know not only how to use Facebook for business, but also how to get followers on Facebook and then use those followers to help you market your business. Facebook trends drive a great deal of the market, with popular posts and trending videos giving a sense of connection to various brands and grabbing the attention of consumers that have the ability to make their success even more explosive.

Become Facebook Friendly

Facebook posts offer a snapshot of you and your business, and if one of your customers is a Facebook follower, they can become a virtual part of your team. They’ll be able to influence the market simply by posting a message about their shopping experience or offering up their opinion of your product. In that way, the advantages of social networking are huge, because those Facebook followers have a direct connection to other Facebook members who have the potential of becoming your next customer. Therefore, knowing how to get followers on Facebook is going to be a valuable asset to your marketing strategy and your bottom line.

One of the first things you’ll need to know about how to get followers on Facebook is knowing what the top trends are. What are people you’re trying to reach interested in? What grabs and keeps their attention? What are they buying and talking about? When you recognize those trends, you’ll have a greater understanding of how to present your business in such a way that they’ll take notice and want to start following you. You’ll also want to make your posts on Facebook easily shareable. Your current followers are the ones who will become your channel to other Facebook followers, so what you post should be interesting, informative, and simple to share quickly.

Lead Your Followers

If you have a website, add your Facebook button to every page and every post so that your audience there will be able to access your Facebook content. Again, their Facebook following could become your Facebook following, so giving them that accessibility is crucial.

Post at times when Facebook has the highest level of traffic. Trends show that Facebook activity is at its peak from noon to 1:00 p.m. on weekends and in mid-afternoon from Wednesday to Friday. If you’re putting out content when they’re active, Facebook users will see you with greater immediacy, which means your following will grow more quickly.

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