Five Common Elements of Print Marketing

Man reading a magazine in office

Regardless of the digital marketing trends that dominate business today, print marketing is still a viable form of brand promotion. Brochures, newspaper articles, magazine ads, and flyers can still get the word out about your products or services while connecting with your audience in a relevant way. Print marketing also requires every bit of creativity…

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How to Use Your Website as a Marketing Tool

Woman on her laptop

In 20 BCE, the Roman emperor, Augustus erected the Milliarium Aureum, a monument that symbolized the starting point for the road system that spread throughout Italy and the rest of the Roman empire. From this system, the phrase, “All roads lead to Rome,” was coined. When it comes to web development, your website is the…

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Everything You Need to Define Your Brand

Designer working on tablet and computer

According to the latest data (2016) from the Census Bureau’s Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs, there are 5.6 million companies in the United States. Companies with fewer than 500 employees account for 99.7 percent of all businesses. Regardless of your industry, expertise, or location, you are surrounded by hungry competitors who are scrapping for the top…

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