Part 1: Marketing to millennials


Part 1 in a 3 Part Series Talking ‘bout my generation: Marketing to millennials No digital marketing spans all generations. But there are some distinct differences in the ways they consume information. Are influenced. And buy. Understand these differences and you’ll tap into what moves them. If your primary concern is the millennial, let’s take…

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Social media audience updates

social media

3 important social media audience updates Social media continues to climb. Across generations and platforms there’s a steady rise year to year. But how are audiences engaging? What matters most? Simply launching and maintaining your social media is not enough for your marketing. Knowing your audience and how to speak to them is paramoount to…

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SEO and SEM: what’s the diff?

SEO, SEM, content

Team Lucid loves you. We want to give you more content you like. Remember when we told you how to get your SEO and SEM groove on? Tons of shares on that post! We aim to please so we’re bringing you more. There are big changes in 2018 for your business in SEO and SEM.…

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