Best Ways to Improve Morale in the Workplace

Today we’ll get to the nitty gritty of an important topic: workplace morale. Here at Lucid we focus a lot on customer engagement. Well, that’s most of what we write about! But without workplace morale, how can we even begin to engage customers? It could also be argued that employees are another type of customer. So keeping them satisfied at work is the name of the game.

3 reasons workplace morale matters

Besides just good karma, workplace morale is great for business. When morale is high, productivity is higher, loyalty to your company is greater and conflict reduction takes place. Notice that’s “reduction” not resolution. Yes!

Good management

There are 5 hallmarks of good managers. And good management will naturally promote a positive workplace morale.

Motivation and loyalty

What motivates your employees? What keeps them there? Money is not always the top factor. Take time to understand the motivation each of your employees has behind their work and why they choose to work for you.


High goals are all the rage. That’s great but when shooting for your best workplace morale, set goals that are achievable. Overcommitting and overreaching only burns employees out. They’ll feel they can never meet the demands, give up and move on. Or worse they’ll stay and be miserable. Be the manager that balances ambition with realistic expectations. This gives them opportunities to shine.


Tips on delegating for great workplace morale? Be willing to accept your mistakes and your employees’ mistakes. Never take credit for your employees’ successes. Assign tasks that challenge them but are realistic.

Open door

Good workplace morale is built around managers who have an open door policy. And mean it. Employees that believe you are there to listen and engage them – good or bad – can relax and focus on their tasks. They know they’ll be heard on issues.

Good communicator

Managers that have great workplace morale are effective communicators. In the digital age, this goes way beyond verbal. Pay attention to your body language, the tone of emails (don’t hit send yet!), and all other forms of your communication to your employees. Be consistent. When they know what to expect and they like it, they’ll respond to it with their best work.

Equality and diversity

These go hand in hand. Despite all the rage, most employers still show favoritism even if subconsciously. Work hard within yourself to embrace equality in your work environment. Your employees will feel important, treated fairly and be more productive.

Have fun at work this month. Pick two things from this list to try to improve workplace morale and see your employees soar.


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