Social Proof

by Lucid Advertising

When our leads or prospects are searching, we want them to find us first, recognize and remember us, and see all the satisfied customers already using our product or service. Social media is the most effective way to generate brand awareness and social proof. The more authority and influence we have, the more followers we gain. The more followers we have, the more social proof we have of our influence, the greater our reach for social promotion grows, and the more solid the awareness of our brand becomes in our niche. It’s a cycle that feeds back into itself, and it all starts with one thing–people. At Lucid Advertising, helping brands find people is our specialty. We cover all the major aspects of growing your reach, so you can sit back and watch your money grow, instead of spending all your time growing your social media. We bring the interested buyers to you, and the social environment is how we make it happen.

But why are these aspects of marketing so important?

Social Proof

Social proof is one of the most influential, key aspects of marketing. “Because everyone’s doing it!” We hear it all the time, and we see trends explode as soon as they start gaining traction and getting shares on social media. If hundreds of thousands of other people are willing to publicly back a product or service, that lessens decision friction for newcomers. When we can prove that we have to offer is valuable, we have to do less convincing, because people are already in a mindset that what we have to offer is worth their money, attention, and time–three of the most valuable assets anyone has, right alongside trust.

Social Influence

Social influence means that we are trustworthy. When our brand is an authority in our niche, we help set the trends, influence buying decisions, and set prices. Only by reaching our target audience can we hope to gain influence over them. People are far more likely to trust a brand that is backed by proof that many others are following and listening to, because of it, again, shows our value. To influence, we must have reach and proof.

Brand Awareness

When people immediately recognize who we are and what we stand for as a company, we become more influential. The more frequently people see our name, the greater our chances of receiving a resounding, “Yes!” once our leads are in our sales funnel. Not only that, but if our market is aware of our brand, then we generate even more leads because people feel it is less of a risk to try our product or service or publicly back us.

What do all of these things have in common? Followers. People to listen to what we have to say.

At Lucid Advertising, we help brands connect with all the right people. We help our clients show their authority by increasing Google rank and gaining traction on social media. When brands work with us, we see a huge increase in sales because those brands find themselves with more followers and connections, more exposure, more leads, and more sales.

We do this by connecting you with not just any people, but the right people. We help you find the channels and connections that will lead your ideal customers right to your brand. You gain smiling faces, influence, awareness of your brand, and a platform for growth that just keeps growing (and selling!)

You already have a great product or service, let Lucid Advertising make sure the right people find you and fast! We even measure your results.

Don’t waste time dreaming about having a huge following, get Lucid! Contact us today!

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