RIP: 4 Digital Marketing Trends

Bananas, groupons and some digital marketing tactics. All of these expire. And lose you money. Digital marketing is always evolving. While the foundation stays solid some easy changes to your strategy can get you new business. Take a look at 4 digital marketing trends set to turn brown just like those old bananas.

Organic Facebook

Facebook’s taken some hits. It’s still a big player in your social media strategy. But not in the way you might think. If you’re relying on organic Facebook traffic alone, that’s old news. In fact,  only about 6% of people see organic Facebook posts. Throw this one out with that year-old yogurt. A better bet is investing in Facebook ads. You’ll reach your target audience based on their needs and your goals.

Long e-books

Our attention span is that of a gnat. It’s just the way it is. EBooks in PDF and other text-heavy formats are old news. People just won’t read them. Shorter versions with the same information will engage. Think short videos, quizzes or even animation.

Text-only SEO

Speaking of #2, be sure your interactive content is SEO optimized too. A whole engagement opportunity can be missed by sticking to text-only SEO on your site. Consumers have come to expect multimedia when they visit. It shows the company is progressive. It makes them stick around, to boot. Take the next step by optimizing this media for SEO to stay on top.

The main idea in all of these is the world does not live by text alone.

Blanket email campaigns

Instead of campaigns that go to a huge database, target them. There’s a big wide world of analytics to help you. Platforms like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp give great insights into audience behavior. Use these to tailor your email strategy for the rest of the year. Send a targeted campaign to those who watched an embedded video. Try drilling down to those who clicked an outbound link by sending similar content. Email is still an important part of digital marketing strategies. The public gets flooded with it. Make sure yours doesn’t make it into Trash by showing your audience you’re relevant to their interests.

We’re 3 months down in 2018. There’s still plenty of time to ditch and tweak your old ways. Still need help? Let Team Lucid get you going!