Lucid’s Billboard Countdown

Mike Morse President

Billboards are a tried and true method of effective outdoor advertising. From launching new products and building brand identity to increasing event awareness, billboards historically give a solid return on investment. Billboards are known as “OOH” Advertising-Out of Home, and recent statistics cite a 3.3% increase this type of signage. Think about it: more and more people travel by car, public transit or other means taking them outdoors and in front of billboards.

Bulletins and posters are two good choices in the billboard market, and here we’ll outline the differences and advantages of each, so that next time your agency has outdoor ad spend to spare, you’re armed with information.

Consider This:

How many of us have passed a billboard with so much text we drove right by and couldn’t recall the ad nor the message? Billboards are most effectively used to convey key points and should be limited to six or seven words. Here’s an example: “Lucid Advertising: Increased Ranking, Connections, Exposure & Business.”  If this can’t be done, use another ad format. It’s just the nature of the traffic flow: fast with a limited attention span.


Posters are smaller billboard structures, with the most common size being 10.5 x 22.8. Compared to bulletins, posters are intended for short term advertising initiatives. They are located on primary and secondary roads and are designed to be mass produced and placed in multiple areas in order to flood the market. Posters are great options for announcing an event, a new brand or a name change and are purchased in 4 week increments.


Bulletins offer a larger size with 14 x 48  being the most common. This larger size gives heightened visibility and the option of embellishments and other customization of the ad. We’ve all seen the eye popping displays in this format that grab our attention. Bulletins are placed in highly visible, high traffic areas such as major expressways and are purchased in 12 week increments.  For this reason, bulletins are a great choice for long term displays giving enduring exposure on a repeated basis.

When considering whether to implement posters or bulletins, first clearly define your business goals in using this type of advertising. Some questions to ask: are we launching a new brand or building brand identity; advertising an event or reaching a new audience? Clarifying these points of possible confusion will lead you to your best choice in the billboard arena so that your money is well spent.