Most Effective Website Design Tips

by Lucid Advertising

It might not be something you give much thought to, but having a great website design is crucial to the success of your business. After all, people are visual creatures; and unless they feel particularly grabbed by the way your website is laid out, they’re going to lose interest faster than you can click your mouse. Even though a website isn’t tangible, it’s still all about packaging; and by creating a type of packaging with your website that highlights your company at its best, you’re increasing the likelihood that you’ll see your business grow. The most effective website design tips focus on giving visitors a clear picture of you and your company in a way that keeps them interested and is easy to use, ensuring that they’ll want to stay and browse awhile rather than jumping off the page.

Tipping Into Success

Truly effective website design tips are really quite simple, if you think about it. Is the content easy to read? Is the site simple to navigate? Does it seem well ordered, or is it a jumbled mess of clutter? Websites are one of the most essential types of online advertising you can use and easily one of the most cost-effective options. But unless you’re taking full advantage of that digital space and following effective website design tips, your online market will seem ineffectual, leaving you scratching your head and wondering what are the benefits of digital marketing, if none of it nets you any profit.

Design Do’s

Your website design inspiration should be led, of course, by the nature of your business so that who you are and what you offer are easy to recognize. But it should also create a feeling. Your logo should also be prominent, front and center on your homepage and carried out on every subsequent page throughout your site so that it’s impossible to forget. Make sure that your pages are all easy to navigate and tie into one another, with menu bars that provide a clear map of your space. If you’re using social media or a listing on Google Plus Local, tie them into the site, as well, with clickable links found easily on every page. Eliminate visual clutter by using a balanced mix of photography, high-resolution graphics, colors, and content; and break it up into arrangements that look clean and logical. If you overload the eye, visitors to your site will get confused and frustrated, rather than feeling inspired to stay with the page.

Want a few more effective website design tips?

  • Use professionally taken photographs
  • Use fonts that are easily read
  • Make sure that every page has your full company information so that, no matter which page they land on, visitors have every essential piece of information for contacting you
  • Get user feedback to make sure that your design is working for you, rather than against you

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