Content Marketing and Your Buyer’s Journey

by Lucid Advertising

Content marketing is crowded. How can you stand out from the competition? One big way is to align your content marketing and your buyer’s journey. Wait, what’s this? Exactly! Most content marketers do a stellar job of pumping out the content. They’re great at being creative and consistent. Where the gap lies is in the alignment to the pace of the buyer. Your buyer. It is important to understand the process a buyer goes through before clicking “buy now.” Here we’ll give you the rundown of getting this done.

The buyer’s journey: what the heck is it?

Buyers make moves in 3 distinct stages. For each one, you can be right there. Let’s take a look at content marketing and your buyer’s journey.

Stage 1: Awareness: your buyer is identifying their need.

➔ What they’ll do: Once they know they have this need, they’ll get to researching and prioritizing.

➔ What you can do: Most buyers turn to Google for research on a product or service. So, make sure your key information is at their fingertips. Google and your website are key. Make it easy for them to find you, what you do and how you’re different with your content marketing.

90% of buyers say when they are ready to buy, they find you.

Stage 2: Consideration: let the games begin!

➔ What they’ll do: At this point, your buyer will compare offerings. They may reach out to you directly for more info.

➔ What you can do: Use metrics from interactive content to get personal with the customer. Did they download an eBook or engage on your social media before you talked? Get jiggy with it and make them your new bff. If it’s a big purchase, be sure to give them some solid ROI numbers to take to upper management. Talk the language of their industry.

Stage 3: Cha-Ching! Decision

➔ What they’ll do: They buy! But the work’s not over. There’s implementation and linking them up with referral sources, those current happy customers.

➔ What you can do: Continue to nurture your new customer throughout the life cycle. Even after a few years in, you can always give them content with meat on the bone. Ways to use your product better, save time, save money.

Remember: It’s 7 times more costly to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Which of these stages are you right there with your customer? Is there one that’s tougher? Let Lucid here from you!

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