CMS and WordPress: The Most Valuable Website Platform for All Your Needs

by Lucid Advertising

CMS and WordPress: The Most Valuable Website Platform for All Your Needs

When deciding how to present your business, passions, or hobbies online, you should consider a few things, namely what website platform you should use. One option is a Content Management System (CMS). These are applications that help you manage your content. You might consider WordPress to host your site. WordPress is one of the largest web hosts

on the internet, and it hosts a powerful CMS. People can use it to write and publish blogs. Corporations also use it to host their sites. BBC America, MTV News, Variety, The New Yorker all use it. Even tech sites such as TechCrunch and Microsoft News Center use WordPress to hosts their sites.

WordPress integrates an easy to use content management system into its websites, allowing for an easy and relatively quick experience when you’re setting up your site. You no longer have to possess specialized skills or expensive software to create and manage websites. It’s also important to note that WordPress is open-source. In a nutshell, open-source is code available to the public. With a little research, you could even learn to modify the code, to tweak it. You could even learn to customize your website, so it truly stands out.

WordPress Has Hundreds of Templates and Plug-Ins

Since it’s open-source, WordPress offers hundreds of templates you can use to build your website. Some of these templates cost money, ranging from a few dollars to even a few hundred. You can even find an ample amount at no cost. Thanks to its sophisticated CMS and open-source templates, WordPress offers flexibility in design. Once you’ve settled on a template, you can customize it to truly make it your own. WordPress even offer plugins that you can incorporate into your website. A plugin in this context is the code used to compliment your website platform. By integrating plugins into your site, you can add or enhance features such as news feeds or social media feeds, or even shopping carts. In addition to easy-to-use templates and plugins, WordPress is an ideal platform for people who are conscious of mobile-friendly website design. Thanks to its management system, WordPress sites can function on desktops or smartphones without comprising your chosen design and aesthetic.

Security Check

If you’re a small to medium-sized business looking into your website platform, you might find yourself question its security. In this day and age, it’s a reasonable concern. Since it uses open-source code, WordPress is, in a sense, defended by legions of people. If an individual who wrote the code for a theme or a plugin discovers a vulnerability, they or someone else will incorporate new code into it to eliminate the potential security risks. Since WordPress uses a powerful management system, you can even enable options to allow it to automatically download and install the latest updates, thus further reducing your risk to vulnerabilities. A few things to keep in mind when using this web hosting services can help you increase your security. Try to limit the number of plugins you use, make sure to use themes from highly rated users, change your password intermittently, and always backup your site.

WordPress is Built for SEO

Let’s say you run a business and you’re hoping a website will increase your exposure. Aside from paying to advertise, you can use search engine optimization (SEO) in your articles. Any professional website platform should focus on SEO, which is the incorporation of specific keywords into your web content. If you own a flower shop, for example, you’ll want to use specific words in your content that people will search for online. Using these keywords helps to populate your website in search engines whenever someone searches for a concept, product, etc., in your chosen field. WordPress even helps with SEO by suggesting words to use as tags, meta tags, and keywords. This feature is especially helpful if your experience with generating web content is limited.

Excellent Community Support

Since WordPress uses open-source features and a content management system, you might find yourself questioning the reliability of its support and customer service. If, for example, a third party offers a plugin, who do you contact if something is wrong with it? You can find valuable sources and support in WordPress’s support community. These forums allow you to interact with people who might have the same problem as you, know how to resolve it, or who might be able to point you to someone who can help you. You can even find a contact field in your dashboard that allows you to get help from experts. This feature is especially helpful for people who are new to WordPress or to running websites in general.

Professional Site Design

As we’ve seen, WordPress is a website platform designed and modified by many people. Its easy interface offers few problems when you build your website. Its powerful management system helps to streamline the process, so you’re not wasting valuable hours on your site. In offering mobile-friendly website design, WordPress can help you cover all of your bases. But it isn’t a miracle worker. If you’re uncertain what kinds of designs to use, or how to update them with the times, you can consult an agency that specializes in web design. You can also contract services, such as Lucid Advertising. Lucid can assist you in optimizing your site to help it show up in search results. Since most Google users don’t go past the second page of search results, your ranking matters. An agency such as Lucid can help you increase your rankings, which might, in turn, increase your traffic—or even your business.