Celebrate New Social Media Trends

by Lucid Advertising

When it comes to the frequent comparisons between traditional marketing vs digital marketing, one of the biggest advantages in using different types of online advertising is the multitude of ways that you can truly get creative with your approach. The ease of digital marketing—not to mention the lack of cost—opens up all sorts of avenues that are just waiting to be explored. And by tapping in to social media trends that hitch on to national holidays, community events, and even some very obscure daily holidays, you’ll elevate your own brand awareness and generate new buzz.

What Day is It?

Social media trends are largely driven by content, so think about creating content based on the calendar. Got local events that you can highlight? Are there cultural celebrations that could amp up the interest in your business? These observances are a powerful way to become a part of new social media trends. People like to get in on the fun and see what everyone else is talking about. So make yourself something to talk about, and people will put your business on their own calendar of things to do.

Think Like a Local

Get in the holiday spirit for everyone’s favorite national holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day. But there are many more days to get excited about, right under your nose. Use your own local calendar of events as part of your social media marketing strategy. You can create online customer engagement based on what you’re posting, so use every day as a new opportunity.

Pensacola locals will love hashtaging about things that they know, and here are just a few worth posting:

  • Pensacola Beach Air Show
  • Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show
  • Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival
  • Pensacola Seafood Festival
  • Crawfish Festival
  • Gallery Night
  • Fiesta of Five Flags
  • FooFoo Festival
  • Interstate Mullet Festival
  • Pensacon
  • Summer Music Series

Regardless of where you live, mark your calendar for those special days that people seem to be loving, liking, and tweeting. It’s a free, effective way of engaging your audience and attracting new customers. And that’s one thing that should be on your calendar each and every day of the year.

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