How to Use Facebook Live to Create a Strong Market Presence Online

Video content marketing is steadily gaining popularity. Many businesses have adopted video as a key content marketing strategy. According to market analysts, their efforts have borne fruits. Statistics indicate that video has the best conversion rates. That is why Facebook introduced Facebook Live last year to draw more attention and increase video shares. Businesses can use Facebook Live videos to increase the number of customers on their pages. Here are tips on how you can use Facebook Live to succeed in your campaigns.

Provide a quick overview of your business processes

One of the common benefits of Facebook Live for businesses is that they are able to show their customers what happens in the production process and other inside activities. You can educate those who are interested in your line of business to get an idea of what happens in the production process. You can also focus on a particular division of the business that your consumers like. Prepare for the live session. Let your customers know that you intend to give them an inside look at the business one to two days before.

Optimize your blog contents

People nowadays are impatient. Most of them prefer video content than a written content because it has a personal touch. You can use live videos on Facebook to create a personal touch with your customers. Grab one or two interesting contents from your blog and include it in the live session. Make sure you chose a topic that interests your targeted audience rather than a content of your choice. Streaming live on Facebook also gives you an opportunity to answer questions from the blog post at once. This can encourage your customers to watch the live session since they get quick responses to their queries. In the end, you will save a lot of time and provide a good customer experience.

Promote Events

You can tell your customers about upcoming events and where they will take place in a live video. However, it is wise to prepare the event first before you share it with the customers. Also, make a brief post and let everyone know that you have an important announcement to make. Ensure you share all the necessary details about the event during the live video session. If you include a link, use a simple URL that you can share. You can use a tool to create a short URL. You can also stream the event live.

Introduce New Products

Customers often struggle to adopt new products, especially if you don’t introduce it well. Live video gives you an opportunity to explain and show the customers what the product is all about. Videos outperform images and texts when introducing new products. With a live video, you can explain the new features and answer customer questions in real-time. This will prevent them from going to your competitors. Don’t forget to include links to the video so that customers can make their orders.

Daily Communication

Keeping in touch with your customers regularly creates trust and loyalty. It is also a social proof that you care about your clients. You can use Facebook Live to provide helpful hints and tricks to customers on how to use your products to achieve maximum results. If you are a fitness expert, you can provide your customers with tips on how to improve their health through exercise.

Preparing for a Facebook Live Video Streaming

Now that you know how to use one of the most popular social media trends, you need to prepare yourself adequately. Plan what you are going to stream and narrow it down to one call to action. Let people know that you are planning to be live on your Facebook page. Make the final touches on what you are going to say before you go live. Above all, ensure that you have a good internet connection.

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