Why You Need to Claim Your Top Level Domain Name

Anthony Rickard Web Developer

For many years, business owners have fought to try to create a subdomain name that is memorable, pronounceable and that is available. Prices for the best ones can be ridiculous. For example, Insurance.com sold for $35.6 million, VacationRental.com sold for $35.6 million and PrivateJet.com sold for $30.18 million.

Creating Your Own Domain Name

For many years, business executives had to struggle to try to find a domain name that they could afford. Now, they have an option when they choose to create their own domains. Instead of using .com, .edu or .org, now businesses can use their own unique ending. Some of the earliest adopters of this technique have been America Automobile Association that now uses .aaa, Bloomberg that uses .bloomberg and BMW using .bmw.

Drive Brand Affinity with Your Own Top Level Domain Name

There are many reasons that a company may want to create their own top level domain. The most important one is that it drives brand affinity by powering customer engagement, motivating peer influence and harnessing customer intelligence data.

Creating Marketing Programs

If you own an affiliate marketing program or would like to create one, then you can allow each marketer to have their own unique landing page. This simple method allows each person to create a user experience that connects best with their targeted audience. Marketers can run special sales, inform their audiences of news and so much more. The possibilities are simply endless.

Move Quickly to Claim Your Domain

If this has your creative juices flowing, then it may be time to move forward. Most domains are still available. They are issued by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), but you will not want to delay because the best domains are going very fast. ICANN recently announced that there are over 50 times more top level domains now as there were just three years ago. Over 41 percent of Fortune 500 companies have already claimed there top domains.

Buying Your Domain is Cheaper

While it can cost about $385,000 to buy your domain name, consider the cost of buying a meaningful subdomain name. With the best names going for millions, this price seems very reasonable. Additionally, you have to consider the cost of defending your current name.

Creating Memorable and Meaningful Domains

It is almost impossible today to get a subdomain ending in .com that is meaningful and memorable. Yet, this is vital for customers to get to your site. You can still get all types of nifty names that people will remember when you create your own domain. The great news is that when you are not restricted to .com sites, you can create shorter URLs. Again, this makes it easier for customers to get to your site.

Build Your Brand Reputation

If you choose to not claim your domain name now, then someone else may choose to claim it. The damage that they can do to your brand’s reputation can be unrepairable.

Take Action Now

Now is the time to take action. While we encourage you to look at what others in your industry are doing, choosing your own domain instantly makes you an industry leader.
Data shows that customers encountering these domains are seeing them as the leaders in their industry. Lucid Advertising would like to discuss the particulars of your case with you.