Incoming and Outgoing Link Building Strategies You Need to Employ Now

by Lucid Advertising

As Matt Cutts, former head of Google’s Webspam team, says link building is “sweat plus creativity.” Just like all forms of exercise does not produce the same results, all link building does not deliver the same results. Therefore, if you are going to sweat link building, then make sure you are doing it in the right ways.

Choose the Right Places to Link

When you are creating outbound links, it is important to link to material that your viewers find valuable. A good place to start is to look for sites that you can use that have good domain authority. This is a score given by Moz to show how reliable each site is taking into consideration many different factors.

Consider Geographical Focus

If a site does not have a high domain authority, it may still be a good place to link. This is especially true for sites that may have a more local focus. You may have heard that you should never get links from a directory, but that is very bad advice in some cases. For example, if you are creating a page to sell a product to rabbit breeders in Texas, then a link to the directory listing all Texas Rabbit Breeder affiliated clubs is highly appropriate.

Accumulate Links at a Natural Pace

You may have also heard that you should not accumulate links to fast. There is no such thing as too fast, as long as you are generating good quality links. The emphasis should be on adding links giving real value to your viewer’s lives. Google will penalize your site greatly, however, if you get caught in the wrong neighborhood where links are brought and sold.

Creating Incoming Links

You naturally have a lot more control over outgoing links than you do to those who choose to link to your site. You need to develop link building strategies that allow you to get good incoming links by raising the authority level of your own site. That way, people will naturally want to link to your site.

One of the ways that you can raise your site’s authority is to constantly produce quality content that connects with real people while providing unique perspectives.

Focus on Networking

You can produce great pieces of content, but if nobody sees them you have wasted your time. Therefore, make sure that you connect with others in your industry. As you become a powerful voice within your industry, people will naturally want to link to your content. Guest blogging on authoritative sites often produces great results as long as you can connect with the other site’s viewers.

Use Social Media

A great way to find people that you can share content with is through the use of social media. Be careful, however, to not fall into the trap of buying links from others as this will put you in a bad neighborhood resulting in your site being punished by Google such as a parent punishes a child for being in the wrong place.

When you create great outbound links to sites that have domain authority scores, then the validity of your site will naturally rise. You can control the quality of your incoming links by creating great content.  It really does depend on your sweat and creativity.

There are no shortcuts to creating links on your site that count. Let the team at Lucid Advertising help you.