How mobile friendly is your content?

by Lucid Advertising


Are you reading this from a mobile device? IPad, phone or laptop? Probably so if you are like the millions of consumers migrating to mobile. But mobile is more than one segment. For your business, making sure your website and all content is mobile optimized is crucial. eCommerce is on the rise over traditional buying behavior. Don’t miss the boat on this purchasing power.

Yes! We’re mobile. We think?

It’s important to define the term “mobile.” Today our phones are our lifeblood. So it’s easy to lump mobile-friendly in to the sole smartphone category. This can be an easy mistake as you streamline your site. How come? The numbers tell us that audience behaviors vary by device. Both are important to your business.

Here are the top 3 ways mobile behavior depends on the device used

  • Apps are used heavily for purchasing products or services.
  • Content is read on e-readers and laptops over smartphones.
  • Desktop still rules for audiences engaging in certain industries such as the financial space.

So what’s the bottom line?

It’s easy to see multiple mobile devices still split the pie. Don’t narrow your chances of engagement by solely focusing on smartphone-friendly site content. Called Multichannel Majority, this approach of ensuring a seamless experience for your target across the mobile world will drive loyalty and business.

3 changes to make your site more mobile-friendly
  • Remember that not everyone is Kate Moss. Users with normal-sized fingers will get annoyed if clicks and scrolls are not easy from their device. This will result in more bounces on your site. Make sure your site and content are designed for normal peeps.
  • Above the fold is history. Ensure valuable, relevant content is both above and below the fold. Now audiences scroll up and down repeatedly across devices.
  • Increase your use of multimedia. Enlist the power of downloadable content such as short PDFs or a simple e-book. Keep it brief. This is a double whammy. You’ll get the email address for a warm lead. Engagement is higher with multimedia content that pulls your audience in across devices. Use interactive content in the form of short 1 minute videos users can watch from any device. Yes, it’s more work on the front end to create and curate this content. But the rewards speak for themselves!
The Lucid touch?

If this sounds good but is just too much, Lucid Advertising is here to help. #Wehelpyoubeyou by ensuring your content grabs your targets where they live.