:30 Branding TV

Client: Tom Ueberschaer, Personal Injury Attorney

:30 Branding TV

Video Campaign, Television Advertising, Digital Advertising

Situation: Tom U. has been a master of marketing for decades. Pensacolians recognize his face from bus boards and refrigerator magnets that were ubiquitous in the 80s and 90s. Not surprisingly, these traditional tactics no longer deliver the results they once did. Adding to this challenge, a large personal injury firm recently expanded onto Tom U.’s turf, impacting the case load for most local personal injury lawyers, including Tom U’s.

Lucid Solution

Lucid Advertising developed a comprehensive digital strategy for Tom that included everything from SEO to content development and direct marketing. To this modern mix of tactics, Lucid incorporated a couple of traditional standards as well, specifically billboards and TV. With a focus on the personal service you get from Tom U., the TV spots featured cell phones and even corded phones ringing and entering the TV frame in unexpected ways to which Tom always answers, “This is Tom.” All spots end with the call-to-action “Call Tom U.”

"Chose Lucid as they are very professional and have an excellent creative team and are always available to help improve my business. They have fixed my television, and internet presence. I would recommend them to anyone."

Tom Ueberschaer, Personal Injury Attorney



Spending a fraction of what many other local personal injury attorneys spend on media, Tom U. has quickly re-established his brand awareness, resulting in a 20% increase in case load over a six-month period. March of 2023 was his best month in four years, taking on 25 new cases.