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Lucid Expands Footprint for Women’s Health Clients with Exclusive RealSelf Affiliation

Lucid Advertising’s goal for our women’s health physicians is to bring patients to you so you can focus on what you do – improve the lives of women. Our partnership with RealSelf helps us do just that. As the exclusive RealSelf affiliate marketing agency specializing in women’s health, Lucid has built relationships with the RealSelf team, and we understand how to make this physician-specific platform work for you.


We are very excited to be a preferred affiliate with RealSelf. Their platform is an awesome example of the way healthcare is changing and allows patients and physicians to interact in an unprecedented way. Aesthetic physicians have realized the potential RealSelf offers, and we plan to help introduce this platform as a marketing opportunity to women’s health groups all over the country. In 2019, RealSelf may become the #1 referral source to women’s health groups, and Lucid plans to ensure our physicians are ready to experience those gains.

Mike Morse // President Lucid Advertising

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What is RealSelf?

Benefits to Physicians 

RealSelf is a physician-specific platform designed to allow women’s health and cosmetic physicians to reach a broad audience and answer questions, collect reviews, provide before and after photos and post videos.   

Patients have the opportunity to ask questions, provide treatment reviews, post before and after photos and rank procedures as “worth it” or “not worth it.” By building your presence on this platform, you will gain exposure, rank higher in searches and attract more leads.  RealSelf’s website attracts more than 9 million unique users each month, and with stats like that, why wouldn’t you use this tool? 

Benefits to Consumers

RealSelf offers consumers two ways to participate on the site: research and review.

If your potential patients are looking for a doctor in your area, RealSelf delivers. They can find a doctor (you), see patient reviews, read questions you have answered and see before and after photos you have posted. This gives potential patients a wealth of information about you and encourages them to schedule an appointment.

If they have seen you for a procedure, RealSelf offers them the opportunity to give feedback to inform other patients. They can leave a review, rank your procedure as “worth it” or “not worth it,” and post photos.

Your RealSelf Profile

Answering Questions

Answering RealSelf patient questions may not sound like a big deal, but most physicians we work with do not have the time to sit down and focus on knocking this out. It is one more thing added to the day when you would like to get home to your family. Lucid has a dedicated RealSelf Answer Line. We will text you your question, you call and answer it by voicemail and we have it transcribed for you. After you approve it, we will post it to your profile. Quick. Easy. Painless.

Posting Before and After Photos

The third element of your profile is your before and after photo gallery. Women want to see what kind of improvement you have been able to achieve in other patients when making their decision to contact you. We can help keep this in the forefront of your mind. We collect these photos from you and add them to your profile. We can also help you produce videos you can add to your profile for that personal touch. The more patients feel like they know you and know what to expect when they make an appointment, the more likely they are to do just that.

Collecting Reviews

Having a focus on reviews for your practice is critical. It is one of the top determinants potential patients use when looking for a physician. Lucid can help you reach out to your patients to request reviews using request cards, email campaigns or website software to collect reviews that post straight to your profile. This element is one of the first you should address if you are not getting a significant stream of reviews.

Achieve Top Doc Status with Lucid's RealSelf Program

How Our Affiliate Relationship Benefits You

As the exclusive RealSelf affiliate digital marketing company who specializes in women’s health, we have access to discounted rates for your RealSelf account that you can’t get anywhere else. Once we negotiate your rates for your RealSelf account, we manage your account to ensure you are active and building your platform to increase your exposure and your leads. We expand your profile to reach benchmarks, like “Top Contributor” status, that will increase your exposure and credibility on the RealSelf platform. Reaching “Top Contributor” status is not easy without a plan, and the first goal of Lucid Advertising is to help you reach that goal.

To Attain Top Contributor Status:

  • Must answer 75 questions
  • Must answer 10 questions every 90 ninety days
  • Must continue to collect reviews
  • Must continue to post before and after photos

RealCare Promise

The RealCare Promise is a credential that boosts consumer trust in you and your practice. If you have this shield on your profile, potential patients are assured that you are transparent, timely and trustworthy. In order to qualify for the RealCare Promise, you must:

  • Have a medical license in good standing
  • Show proof of medical malpractice insurance for yourself and your entity
  • Have no more than two content warnings in the past year

RealSelf Reach

One of the greatest benefits of having a RealSelf profile is the exposure it affords. The platform boasts outstanding numbers in terms of traffic and participation across the women’s health industry. You don’t want to leave this kind of potential on the table.

RealSelf by the numbers:

  • 10 million unique site visits per month
  • One billion page views (across reviews, photos, Q&A and doctor videos)
  • 18 thousand provider members
  • 500 thousand monthly contacts sent to doctors

This is a classic case of “if you are not there, your competitors are” so why leave this stone unturned?

RealSelf can be an active and important tool to help build your patient base. If you are not using this tool to its full capacity, Lucid can help. Call us today and #getlucid. #wehelpyoubeyou