Online Reputation Management

Customer reviews have an unprecedented power to drive a person’s perception, either positively or negatively. Have you checked in on your reviews recently? If the answer is no, let Lucid Advertising handle this important task for you. Our team members are experts at reputation management, driving positive reviews and mediating negative ones. With the control customer feedback has over where your business goes, online reputation management should not be left to chance.

According to Forbes, 90% of consumers say online reviews influence their buying decisions. Isn’t it time to harness that influence?

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Why Reviews Matter

Many business owners don’t realize their online reputation is a form of unpaid advertising. With review platforms like Yelp and Google Reviews, consumers of your services have more power than ever right in the palm of their hand. Your brand is your lifeblood and we understand the energy that goes into creating a brand that works for you long after your workday is done.

Online Reviews are Everywhere

Online reviews carry more weight than the most effective marketing campaign yet they still get little attention from business owners. The task of managing them is daunting as there is simply a lack of time and guidance as to how to handle these reviews. 

Review management is vital for medical practices today. These websites have become a trusted opinion that users rely on to guide them. Procedures, treatments and even invasive surgeries get the green light from this online commentary.  This influence is growing exponentiallyrivaling direct patient referrals from friends and family.   

How does your business compare?

Use our free Review Scan to generate an instant reputation report and see how your business appears on local review sites.

The Lucid Method

The Lucid team uses the highest rated review management software available. We also monitor the direction of your online reputation and use a 3-part drip campaign to manage it. 

Using a 3-part drip campaign we navigate:

  1. Strategy: We strategically place key review platforms Yelp and Google My Business on websites, right where consumers see them. This drives current and past customers to leave a review. More customer engagement skyrockets your online presence beyond your website.
  2. Momentum: Positive reviews are noticed by new customers and create traction for your business. This gives momentum to the positive reviews so they do the work of increasing your sales.
  3. Damage Control: Did you know there are thousands of negative reviews sitting unanswered online? Not taking action on negative commentary could be detrimental to the perception of your company, particularly to those new to your brand. We won’t let that happen. With our eye on your business, negative reviews get serviced to avoid potential damage to your reputation.

Negative Energy: 78% of consumers that left a negative review say they would give a business a second chance when their complaints are serviced.

Let Lucid Manage Your Online Reputation

You have worked hard on your physical business presence. Your office is polished. You hand pick your staff. Have you overlooked your reviews? Do you know what picture they are painting of your company? If not, let Lucid take control. How you are perceived online has the power to leverage or completely undo all your hard work. Most business owners simply do not have the time to wrap their arms around and consistently manage this duty.

Let the Lucid team control the direction of your online reputation, so you can focus on the business of growing.