Full Transcription:

Lucid Advertising is an amazing company. Their workforce, their team that they have are just phenomenal people. I had the wonderful opportunity of actually meeting them when I first came here and got in practice in 2004. I was in private practice as a new urogynecologist in the area, and back then, the plan and the whole paradigm was to create a website and use that website to do your marketing. Well, for about eight and a half years, I was in private practice and working with Lucid Advertising to really kind of create my website and my brand, and we actually made videos at that time that we still use today, these My Hormone videos that they worked with. So, the whole team was really instrumental in really trying to help my practice grow.

And then, I took some time and actually became an employed physician for a hospital for about three years, which turned out to be, probably, one of the worst decisions I've ever made, but it also helped me to realize that I needed to be back in private practice. And so, when I came back in private practice, one of the first people I called up was Lucid Advertising, and at that time, they kind of had changed the way they were doing things, and I want everybody to know this because I still don't think that this is something that's well-known.

But, what they do is, instead of you spending an awful lot of money to create this beautiful website that then doesn't really do anything for you, they actually have a program in place to where they will guarantee a return on investment based upon contacts to your office, new patients calling and making appointments, to where, instead of you spending a whole bunch of money up front, they actually kind of put you on a plan, kind of like a membership. You become a member of Lucid Advertising and you pay a monthly fee, and then they do everything for you. They do all of your website, they do all of your social media, they do all of the website search optimization. I have no idea what that means, but anyway, they do all that, and the results is just phenomenal.

When we went back with Lucid Advertising, my absolute amazing and sweet front office lady, Minnie, kind of said, "Hey, what are you doing?" And I'm like, "What do you mean? I'm not doing anything." And she was like, "The phone will not stop ringing. You need to change this or hire somebody else." And so, we have. We've had to hire people just to answer the phone. And so, thank you, Lucid Advertising, very, very much for that.

They're a great company, a wonderful team, and they really do have your best interests at heart, and it really is, you're part of the family. And so, if you're thinking about either starting a new website or if you're thinking about working on marketing in general, whether it be social media marketing or whatever, definitely reach out to Lucid Advertising because they've got your back.