Maccabees: The Google Algorithm Update and How it Impacted Our Clients


The Google Algorithm Update Backstory

Did you notice a significant decrease in your website’s traffic during the winter months? No worries! You are not alone. During December of last year, many business owners, seasonal and non-seasonal, noticed a significant change in website traffic. What caused this decline in web traffic? Google made a change to their core algorithm – also known as the Maccabees update. An update that many businesses still haven’t recovered from.

The original goal of the Maccabees update was to promote websites that focus on user experience by providing high-quality content. Because what’s the point in posting content if it’s not high quality, right? In return, websites that weren’t producing this standard of content would be penalized. This Google algorithm update impacted websites in every industry and some still haven’t bounced back.

We’ll help you understand the Google algorithm update and how it may have impacted your site.

How Our Clients Were Impacted

No business was immune to the Google algorithm update, including our clients. Many noticed a drastic change in website visitors during the winter similar to other businesses. Luckily, at Lucid, we focus on writing quality content and white hat SEO strategies that focus on our audience rather than search engines. Therefore, we noticed an almost immediate return in organic website traffic. In fact, our client’s websites recorded a growth in traffic as we progressed into spring, while other businesses are still attempting to recover.

That’s great! What can Lucid do for my website that will set me apart from my competition?

What This Means For Your Business

We live in a world where people do most of their shopping and searching for information online. Because of this, investing in specialists who are up-to-date on the best digital marketing practices and who understand the importance of creating quality content is crucial for a business’s online success.

At Lucid, we focus on your website’s overall health while also providing meaningful content that people are searching for online. Because of this, you will have an edge over the competition and assurance that your website will recover quickly during the next Google algorithm update.

Contact Lucid Advertising today to learn more about how we can help your business grow. Our quality content creation will help ensure that your website is ready for the next Google algorithm update.