How to Advertise on Instagram

As one of the biggest social networking channels in use, Instagram has also become invaluable in creating a brand following, especially when your target market is the millennial. Millenials are the driving force behind creating trends; and, as research has shown, Instagram trends can build overnight success. That being said, if you want to market your business or your brand more effectively, you’ll need to learn how to advertise on Instagram and how to promote your Instagram photos and videos so that they don’t get lost in the constant scrolling of the social feed.


Got a specific theme or great content you want to create a buzz about? Create tags for followers so that your Instagram posts can be found more easily. Popular Instagram hashtags attract followers to you and can connect them with every other facet of your social network and your website, so by posting those trending Instagram hashtags, you’re marketing who you are and what you offer in a way that seems more relatable to the millennial buyers.


If you learn how to advertise on Instagram, you’ll also learn how to present your business in a more attractive way that clearly states what you’re about. Visual aids create great impact, so whether you have a new product to promote or a service you want to show off, snapping it all up for Instagram and then putting it with a hashtag will make it more sharable, more easily found, and increase the likelihood that you’ll be one of the trends. Those uploads will get circulated farther and faster with a catchy yet informative hashtag, so also keep in mind what message your hashtag might convey. It’s simple enough, really—build your following, and success will come. First, though, you need to learn the ways to build that following and how to become part of the trends instead of just watching them. Think about your brand identity, and show it off with the content you post. You’ve got the blink of an eye to capture your audience, so use that to your advantage and make yourself seen.

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