News in online reviews

Online Reviews

Remember when we covered online reviews? We have updated news in online reviews.  Modern tech gives the lowdown and review on about any product or service. And this is constantly evolving. Online reviews are one area of business people shy away from. Do they really matter? Yes! Be in the know. Let’s take a look…

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Best Ways to Improve Morale in the Workplace

Today we’ll get to the nitty gritty of an important topic: workplace morale. Here at Lucid we focus a lot on customer engagement. Well, that’s most of what we write about! But without workplace morale, how can we even begin to engage customers? It could also be argued that employees are another type of customer.…

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#wedovideoblogs with Executive Landscaping

[featured-video-plus] Don’t disguise your brand. Give it a shout out with video. We’re going green! Your #LucidTeam of Content Developer Elizabeth Denham and Lucid Leader Mike Morse headed over to Executive Landscaping to spend the day with Rene West and learn more about the talent behind the work.

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