Social media audience updates

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3 important social media audience updates Social media continues to climb. Across generations and platforms there’s a steady rise year to year. But how are audiences engaging? What matters most? Simply launching and maintaining your social media is not enough for your marketing. Knowing your audience and how to speak to them is paramoount to…

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5 Instagram Insights You Can Use

Are you using Instagram Insights? It’s a powerful feature that really helps you dig into the data. In this blog post about data driving content, we showed how data can drive content. Here, we’ll hone in on Instagram. This will help you create some pretty cool content your readers will love.

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The Importance of Claiming Online Directories

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Online directories are one of most effective ways to get and keep your brand in front of the public eye, especially in the local market. For small businesses, overlooking directories can be a big missed opportunity considering 9 out of 10 local consumers can find you this way.  Today the Lucid team shows you the…

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