Search Engine Optimization

SEO and SEM: what’s the diff?

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Team Lucid loves you. We want to give you more content you like. Remember when we told you how to get your SEO and SEM groove on? Tons of shares on that post! We aim to please so we’re bringing you more. There are big changes in 2018 for your business in SEO and SEM.…

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Using Data to Drive Content

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Love the word “data”? “Analytics,” maybe? Yeah, we don’t either! Years ago, businesses had to dig for data. But today, it’s everywhere and it can be overwhelming. Today Team Lucid’s going to help you cut through the noise. And in honor of St. Pat’s Day, we’ll use lucky number 7. Consider this list when strategizing…

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Interactive Content: A cool way to help #youdoyou

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In a world of crowded content, it’s vital to stand out. Enter interactive content, a way to get playful and useful at the same time. Interactive content can serve many purposes which ultimately lend value to your reader. As a perk, you’ll gain some valuable insights into your audience at the same time.

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