What is Lead Generation Marketing?

From a consumer standpoint, lead generation marketing may be perhaps the most irritating form of brand promotion in existence. However, if you ask anyone at Lucid Advertising, we will tell you that lead generation marketing is worth its weight in gold. An entire industry has been built on generating and optimizing leads that put a…

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Inbound Series Part 3: Marketing strategies on a small biz budget

hands on keyboard

Save thousands with inbound marketing #Justbelucid is thrilled to have you join us for part 3 of our Inbound Marketing Series. We always aim to bring you something of value and hopefully we’ve done this with our series. Maybe not so newsy is the common fact that small business operate daily on a budget. Every…

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Inbound Series Part 2: Trends for 2018: The Inbound Marketing Craze

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Part 2 of our 3 part series: Inbound marketing craze Closing out December and looking forward to trends of 2018, inbound marketing is first. Well, here at #justbelucid, December is one of our favorite times of year. Why? It’s National Fruitcake Month of course. Do your outbound marketing efforts resemble this famous dessert that strikes…

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