How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Woman on cell phone

Nearly 96 percent of Americans now own a cellphone. However, talking on the phone is no longer the primary activity. Users spend most of their time on apps, messaging services, and browsing. Mobile device usage has skyrocketed by 222% over the last seven years, surpassing desktop usage. More people are looking up their favorite products…

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How to Increase E-commerce Conversions

Every website’s primary goal is to convert visitors to leads and leads to customers. Unfortunately, many websites fall short of this goal, often due to web development issues that cause visitors’ frustration. A poorly designed website can make your company appear unprofessional and not sensitive to your customer’s needs. Slow load times, a complex sitemap…

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I Want to Create a Website.
Where Do I Start?

Back in April, Statista reported that over 227 million Americans now shop online. That is an 8 percent growth from just four years ago. Online shopping is expected to increase further to 230 million by this time next year. As the internet market rapidly expands, the need for your business to have an online presence…

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