What Are Lead Generation Ads?

The primary purpose of digital marketing is to capture qualified leads that convert into loyal customers. The most effective way to find and attract leads is through lead generation ads. You can place ads on nearly any digital platform – website, social media page, app, search engines, Youtube, or third-party sites.  Lead generation ads are…

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Six Benefits of Digital Marketing

person on ipad

Digital marketing is any marketing strategy that uses electronic devices or digital tools to promote a product or service and measure the effectiveness of the strategy. Marketing campaigns are usually launched using a computer, cell phone, tablet or another device. They can take many forms, including online videos, display ads or social media posts. Marketing…

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Understanding the Different Types of Digital Ads

animated graphic for digital ads

Like the universe itself, the digital world never sits still. Software and platform developers continue to provide marketers with new ideas and innovative technology that changes the face of digital advertising. As a business owner or marketing manager, it’s important to be aware of different types of digital ads and how they leverage your brand. …

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