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RIP: 4 Digital Marketing Trends

hands on laptop and coffee

Bananas, groupons and some digital marketing tactics. All of these expire. And lose you money. Digital marketing is always evolving. While the foundation stays solid some easy changes to your strategy can get you new business. Take a look at 4 digital marketing trends set to turn brown just like those old bananas.

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News in online reviews

Online Reviews

Remember when we covered online reviews? We have updated news in online reviews.  Modern tech gives the lowdown and review on about any product or service. And this is constantly evolving. Online reviews are one area of business people shy away from. Do they really matter? Yes! Be in the know. Let’s take a look…

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Facebook Live: What’s in it For You?

Using video in your content marketing strategy is smart. Here at Lucid, clients come to us from all over the country to produce compelling video that speaks to their brand. But what about live streaming? And where does this fit in? How can it help your business? Today, Team Lucid gives you 5 ways and…

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