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Keyword Mapping: New tricks for SEO optimization

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We know keywords drive traffic to your site. But since many visitors won’t come in the front door, keyword mapping is a great tool to expand subdirectories and build up your backlink portfolio. This useful technique also boosts your chances of ranking for keywords maybe not used in the past.

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Lucid’s Billboard Countdown

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Billboards are a tried and true method of effective outdoor advertising. From launching new products and building brand identity to increasing event awareness, billboards historically give a solid return on investment. Billboards are known as “OOH” Advertising-Out of Home, and recent statistics cite a 3.3% increase this type of signage. Think about it: more and…

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Small Business SEO and Content: Getting Good to Great

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Running a small business is full of perks, but extra task time and more hiring funds usually don’t make this list. Did you know that there are two hidden employees already working for you? In fact, they’re model employees: quiet and unassuming, they bring a lot of bang for the buck, don’t use the last…

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