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Why You Need to Claim Your Top Level Domain Name

Domain Name, Lucid Advertising

For many years, business owners have fought to try to create a subdomain name that is memorable, pronounceable and that is available. Prices for the best ones can be ridiculous. For example, sold for $35.6 million, sold for $35.6 million and sold for $30.18 million.

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Search Rank

Search Rank, Lucid Advertising

Industry professionals have long argued about how search engines rank webpages. Google has kept their exact algorithm a trade secret. They have now announced the top three factors that they consider when ranking web pages. Therefore, business people who want their webpages to rank higher need to concentrate on RankBrain, content and in-bound links.

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New Research: Social Ad Spending Surpasses Television

Ad Spending, Lucid Advertising

New Research: Social Ad Spending Surpasses Television At some point, surely we all expected this to happen when most of our society is mobile ready. However, projections did not expect it to happen this soon. During 2016, media ad spending saw a rise in social ad volumes that have businesses rethinking their advertising strategies. Let’s…

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